Cardi B’s Manicurist Gave Me Blinged-Out Nails — & This Is How They Looked

I went to the Bronx to see Bui’s studio in person, and there she gave me the full Cardi treatment. “You wanna listen to ‘Money’?” Bui asked me excitedly as she prepped her workspace. Bui is Cardi’s biggest fan, someone who’s been by Cardi’s side through the biggest moments of her life — from the birth of her daughter, Kulture, to her multitude of Billboard hits. “I didn’t know who she was back then,” Bui says of their first encounter six years ago. “[I had a full schedule] but luckily someone canceled. When I finished her nails, she started jumping and dancing. She said ‘Jenny, you made my day! From now on, you’re my nail tech.'”