Cate Blanchett’s Facialist Spills Her Celebrity Skin-Care Secrets
She Always Wants To Look Fresh
“Two years ago, I was introduced to Cate by Sandra [Bullock] while they were
filming Ocean’s 8, and she’s been in my hands from that moment onward. Cate was looking for non-invasive anti-aging treatments to play
her character [Lou]. Cate knew she wanted to have healthy-looking skin and a flawless, smooth complexion. It was important for her character to always have fresh skin because she was always done up in bright lipstick and makeup [on camera], but Cate never wanted it to look fake or artificial. I’d see her every two weeks while she was filming, which lasted about six to nine months, spending most of that time focusing on building up her collagen and the firmness in her skin. ”