Chanel Just Served Up The Dreamiest Half-Up Bridal Hair
Pinned-Back Waves

It looks as if Banks’ hair could be swept into a full pony here, but Brager assures us otherwise. “What makes this half-up style different and more romantic is the texture — her natural is bumped up a bit — and where it’s placed at the nape of the neck,” she says.

To create the singer-songwriter’s soft, feminine style — a great choice for low or high necklines — Brager enhanced her natural texture by blowing her hair dry with a diffuser while her head was flipped upside down, then hitting it with a mist of volume spray. Next, she curled sections using a ¾ inch curling iron and tugged on the ends to create waves with a lived-in feel. She twisted the hair from each side of her head into an imperfect half chignon and left a few loose waves around the face for a romantic look that would be perfect for a beach or lakeside ceremony.