Character Arch: Ally’s Brows Play A Major Role In A Star Is Born
When Maine sees Ally for the first time, she’s dressed in drag as Édith Piaf, singing a seductive rendition of “La Vie En Rose” and crawling on the bar. She moves a bit further, leans back, and then BAM!, she meets Maine’s gaze. The camera pulls into a tight frame on Ally’s face. The red lighting in the bar cancels out any visible makeup, except for two strips of jet-black tape that act as stand-ins for Piaf’s iconic arches.

We’re not done.

When Maine introduces himself to Ally backstage, he asks her, “Are those your real eyebrows?” before he insists on peeling them off. Several scenes later, a montage shows Ally putting mascara on Maine (while in a tub, no less) before placing her drag brows (which just happen to be conveniently on hand) over Maine’s real ones. There ends the eyebrow arc that, at the very least, deserves its own Supporting Actress nod.