Coachella Rebuked By ACLU After Trans Siblings Were Turned Away From Bathrooms
Donavion “Navi” Huskey and Taiyande “Juice” Huskey attended
Coachella in 2018 and claim that festival security stopped each of them when they tried to use the bathrooms that corresponded with their gender identity. While waiting in line for the women’s restroom, Navi was stopped by a security guard. The following night, Juice, already in the men’s restroom, was told by another security guard to use the gender-neutral restroom. When Juice asked why he was not allowed to use the men’s restroom, security escorted him out. “He led me to the back of the restrooms and made it seem like he was going to show me where the gender-neutral bathrooms were but, as I got outside, he just shut the door behind me,” Juice told
The Desert Sun. According to the ACLU letter, no festivalgoers in either restroom objected to either of the siblings’ presence.