Cole Sprouse Responds To Five Feet Apart Criticism & That Ambiguous Ending

Cole Sprouse: “I think a lot of my nerves had been cleared after I met Justin [Baldoni (Jane the Virgin)]. When you’re taking on an illness like cystic fibrosis, the nature of the film industry might be to romanticize it in a way that would do a disservice to the community…Justin, as a director and individual, has had so much experience with the CF community, and had so much passion for the community for so long, that he eased a lot of those [fears]. I knew he would bring awareness to cystic fibrosis and do that [part of the story] justice. As an actor, we have to put a lot of faith into people, because we’re oftentimes bound by the writing, direction, or parts of the production cycle we have nothing to do with. Justin knew exactly what he wanted, and we were on the same page.”