Could This Be Mulberry’s Next Handbag Mega-Hit?
In 2018, Mulberry is again looking for a smash hit. When major British stockist House Of Fraser went into administration earlier this year (with store closures and an uncertain future under new owner Mike Ashley of Sports Direct),
Mulberry was owed $3.2 million by the retailer (which Ashley doesn’t have to pay back), and it was forced to
issue a profit warning. But if anyone can deliver the next Bayswater, Coca is an excellent candidate. Born in Seville, in southern Spain, Coca studied and worked in interior design before taking a job as a window dresser at Louis Vuitton, where, after just a few weeks, he was transferred to the design team, working on bags. At 24 years old, Coca had his first hit with the Vuitton Musette; later, after moving to Celine, he worked on Michael Kors’ hit Boogie Bag, and the Trio (a simple, three-pocketed zip bag) under Phoebe Philo.