Create An Oh-So-Festive Beauty Look Based On Your Horoscope Sign
Another interesting way you might utilize the power of astrology? Work it into your beauty routines — especially now that ’tis the season for festive fetes and holiday parties, galore. Based on personality traits that your sun sign boasts (and if you’re
really into astrology, you can even factor in your rising and moon signs, as well), we’ve picked out the best beauty buys to take your holiday party beauty look to the next level. Are you an attention-loving Gemini? Try a spritz of a new fragrance like
Prada Candy Kiss for guaranteed compliments from passersby. An Aries? Maybe a fiery orange-red lipstick hue will strike your fancy. Flip through, find your sun sign, and discover our otherworldly picks. Who knows, the stars just might align and you could find your next (product) soulmate.