Do These CBD Beauty Products Actually Work?
“I found out I had endometriosis two years ago. I have the worst cramps because of it, with most of the pain traveling from my pelvis to my back. Since my diagnosis, I’ve read about other people using
CBD products to help ease bodily pain, but this was my first time ever using one. Truth be told, I was really skeptical. How could a cream really work
that well?

The first time I used the Lord Jones lotion was right before I got my period. Initially, it felt just nice, like any other cooling lotion. After rubbing the lotion on the cramping hot spots, though, I felt an instant relief — far beyond the initial chilling sensation. I don’t know if it’s the CBD or just a placebo effect, but even the scent was relaxing! Partially thanks to the fact that the packaging is on-point, this is now one part of my nightly routine that I’m not totally mad about.” — Rachel Chen, YouTube content strategist