Do You Need To Wear Two Masks?
“If you have a face mask that’s thin, flimsy, falling apart, frayed, or if you put it up to a light and you see light coming through it, it might be helpful to wear another one on top of it,” she says. As long as wearing two doesn’t affect your breathing capabilities or fit painfully tightly, it could offer much-needed additional protection — especially if you’re in any enclosed areas where social distancing may not be possible, such as taxis, grocery stores, or hair salons. If she had to choose, Dr. Olulade says that for now, she’d recommend wearing a single effective, two- or three-layered mask that’s been approved by the CDC over wearing two, single-layered or non-approved masks. But in all, so long as it doesn’t impair your breathing, there’s nothing wrong with doubling up — and doing so may offer a little more protection.

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