“Don’t Give Me Condolences”: Emerald Garner Demands Justice For Her Father

“I mean, they can stop killing us. That’s how we can stop the cycle. Police brutality is becoming a norm, and I feel like the ones who commit the heinous crimes show no remorse. It’s just like, ‘Oh well, I did it, so what?’ What’s going to happen when it’s your son, when it’s your daughter, when it’s your relative? What are you going to do then? You’re just going to ignore the fact that your son or your daughter could be walking down the street, and someone could come kill them, on camera, and no one is held accountable? People don’t put themselves in our shoes. That was my father. Nobody understands. Everybody is disconnected from the emotional part. It’s just like, ‘Oh I just want to talk about it,’ but no, let’s not talk about it, let’s do something about it. Don’t just give me condolences, change things.”