Dr. Pimple Popper Is Back With Chest Pimples That Ooze Like Butter
Body acne — you know, the throbbing red bumps that sprout angrily in the center of your chest or, even worse,
your butt — is sometimes more frustrating than the pimples on your face. With a
whitehead on your chin, you can squeeze it gently and watch a little pile of pus spew up almost instantly. But if you’re working in unfamiliar territory, like anywhere below the neck, it takes some skilled contortion to get your squeezing angles right. Usually after a frustrating 15 minutes of playing Twister with yourself, it’s easier to settle for the slow burn method of slapping on a
spot treatment. And maybe it’s for the best — it sure is less painful. But it’s much less gratifying for a
pimple popper.