Dreamy Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List (Even Your Tarot Card Reader)
Gift giving is such an innate part of sealing a connection with someone; there’s a sacredness to deciding on a piece and hoping it translates the love and feeling of warmth you carry for that person. We’re also beginning to witness the buzz of the holiday season, and what better way to nurture connections more holistically than by buying someone you care about something illustrious? Turning to
Gucci‘s cruise collection, I handpicked holiday gifts for a few of the stranger encounters in my daily life — Gerard, a server at my favorite restaurant; Didi, my sometimes tarot card reader and healer; and Lisa, the yogi. Ahead, read my letters to each of them, written on the brand’s beautiful new stationery (which is available exclusively at the new
Gucci Wooster Bookstore in its
Wooster Street location, the ultimate gifting destination) to discover how they inspire me.