Drunk Elephant’s New Cleansing Balm Transformed My Skin-Care Routine
Now, this thick balm is not messing around when it says “butter.” Upon unscrewing the bright-green lid for the first time, what I found inside the jar looked more like congealed candle wax than the creamy cleansing balms I’m used to. But as soon as I started massaging the unscented salve onto my dry face, using the genius magnetic spatula that lives on top of the jar, it emulsified into a smooth oil that magically melted away my
Colorslide eyeliner and black mascara without irritating my
very sensitive lash line. When I added water, the consistency transformed yet again — this time into a milk that rinsed away to leave my skin soft, clean, and dewy, thanks to the nourishing blend of oils (marula, baobab, kalahari melon, mongongo, and ximenia among them).