Everything My Mother Handed Down To Me — Including My Style

SO: “I guess what Memphis has done for me without even knowing — it sounds like a line from a movie, but she made me a better person. Before she came along, I was a little bit frivolous of a person working in the fashion industry. And then when life hits you, and you have a person who’s going through serious, adult issues, it changes everything. It changed me and my perception of how catty people were, my perception of what real problems are. So without her in my life, I’d probably be a really shallow person. My friends are like, ‘You’re such an amazing mom.’ I’m embarrassed when they tell me [that]. I don’t look at it that way; I just look at it like being a parent. For me, I probably grew up 20 years later than I should have. I left home very young, when I was 16. My mother died when I was young. I didn’t have a lot of parental guidance, and I never really wanted to have kids. And when I was 34, I got pregnant —”