Everything You Need To Know To Shape Your Brows At Home, According To Pros

Determine The Starting Point

There are three points that you will need to focus on when shaping your eyebrows, according to Jared Bailey, global brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics: where it starts, where it arches, and where it ends.

To begin, you need to find your ideal starting point, which can be identified by using a super thin eyebrow pencil or tweezers. Stand the tool straight up vertically, aligning it from the dimple of the nose (right where you would have your nose pierced) up to the brow. Draw a small mark with a pencil where the tool crosses the brow, and tweeze any hairs that go beyond that mark towards the center of the face.

The starting position of the brow is very important because “the starting point affects the whole contour of the nose,” says Bailey. For example, the distance between the start of the brows can make the nose look wider or narrower, he says.