Fan Or Not, The Kardashians Have You Trapped In Their Scandalous Web
Much like the roll out of a new album, it’s becoming clear that every recent Kardashian “drop” follows a distinct, but loose, timeline: The first inkling of a rumor is leaked on a tabloid site, where it then enters the public sphere. Other outlets begin to pick up on it, and mass speculation turns the tiny spark of rumor into a full-blown fire. The sisters then take to social media to weigh in on said scandal, confirming and denying aspects of it that build a narrative. (For instance, with the Tristan-Khloé scandal, Khloé pivoted the n
arrative from Jordyn being a “homewrecker” to the 21-year-old model being a
victim of Tristan’s infidelity.) Building on the original chatter, supplementary stories about the family come out, keeping the fire ablaze. This only lasts a few weeks, until the fire is extinguished when
Keeping Up With the Kardashians premieres and the family introduces new plot lines for fans to pick up. They’re spoon-feeding us our daily intake of mindless gossip, and like Pavlov’s dog, we are left salivating for more — even if we don’t actually watch the show. Four weeks of non-stop Kardashian news, and we’re sucked back into their lives. It’s insidious as it is brilliant.