Feel Good Diary: How Madison Beer Practices Self-Care In The Pandemic
12 p.m. — This morning I woke up later than planned, and rather than being frustrated with myself, I chose to accept that more sleep was something my body needed and it was ultimately a good thing. It’s really important to be kind to yourself, particularly at times of heightened stress. So I’m trying to take life as it comes and remind myself that things often aren’t as bad as they seem. There’s a coping technique I learned in therapy that has helped a lot with this. When you’re in a difficult or stressful situation, instead of feeling helpless, ask yourself, “If so, then…” to talk through some ways of dealing with it. For example: “If I was to — God forbid — get sick, then what? Then, I’d have to rest, take meds, and isolate.” Then tell yourself facts, “I am young, healthy, and odds are I would beat this virus.” It gives your mind a way of coping with realistic issues by breaking things down with realistic answers.

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