For Those Who Need To Dance, Robyn Goes Down Smooth On Honey
The tone of
Honey is set on the album’s first track and the set-up single for the project, “
Missing U.” That carefully selected use of “U” rather than “You” tells the listener there’s some
debt to Prince to be explored, which Robyn does in the keyboards and synths that cover the beat like a waterfall over rocks. Though the song was positioned on its release as a tribute to her fans, who have been waiting for a new album from the Swedish artist since 2010’s
Body Talk, it is, in fact, an ode to
her state of mind following a break-up, vividly picturing the space her partner used to occupy in her life. She follows with an ode to human connections, titled “Human Being,” which she told
Pitchfork is meant to be set in a future reality where
AI takes over and humans are a minority. She then jumps on a beat lifted straight from the
Bee Gees stellar ‘70s catalog on “Because It’s In the Music,” another lament of a shattered relationship. She continues to jump between ideas and styles over “Baby Forgive Me,” a hangover of a song with trippy in-and-out audio and a gently swaying beat that segues slowly into “Send to Robyn Immediately,” a track sent to her with that absurd file name, that’s all sparkly beats.