From Harry Styles To Taylor Swift: Why Are Cardigans Trending On TikTok?
The release of “Cardigan” also brought back a hoard of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles mega fans, known as “Haylors,” who spent the weeks following the July album drop sharing their theories about how the single’s video was similar to Styles’ “Falling,” and how the two serve as an unspoken dialogue between the artists. (Surprise, surprise, most of the theories were shared by users wearing cardigans.) Of the similarity between the two videos, Strong says that “as a Harry fan, it is hard to deny. When I first watched the ‘Cardigan’ video, my mind immediately jumped to the ‘Falling’ video.” Unlike most Haylors, though, Strong isn’t convinced it was intentional. “Although I wish that there was some sort of strong connection between the two videos, I just don’t see how likely that actually is,” she says. Regardless, the intricate theories made waves all over TikTok, keeping the cardigan trend alive. 

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