Future Perfect podcast: a how-to list for a better future

Future Perfect is a show about trying to do good.

Vox’s Future Perfect podcast is a show about trying to do good. Every Wednesday, host Dylan Matthews explores big, provocative ideas with the potential to radically change the world.

What are the most effective ways to save lives? How can we combat climate change, reform prisons, curb animal suffering, end world poverty? Those are the kinds of big-picture questions Season 1 grapples with. Matthews talks about how to solve these problems through everything from acts of Congress to choices we make in our everyday lives.

But not all would-be problem solvers work in the public’s best interest. In Season 2, Future Perfect examines how the eccentric, shadowy world of big philanthropy — populated by megadonors like Mark Zuckerberg — can affect or even distort our democracy.

Here, you’ll find episode recaps — replete with links to resources mentioned in the show — as well as additional Q&As and related content that didn’t make it on air.

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