Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Recap: “Take Your Own Bloody Pants Off”
Speaking of the
Night King, it looks like there’s finally a plan to deal with him, courtesy of Bran The Three-Eyed Raven. (Coincidentally, it’s funny how everyone is just on board with him being that now. He’s the socially awkward cousin who says strange things and everyone is like, ‘Yeah okay,’ and moves on.) Since killing a
White Walker means death to all the wights he created, Jon has a brainwave that someone should probably kill the Night King. Bran volunteers to act as bait, seeing as the Night King is coming for him anyway. And Theon, who has come to fight for Winterfell (an admission that made Sansa far too weepy — please,
Game of Thrones, don’t make them fall in love), promises to guard him in an attempt to redeem himself for his treatment of the Starks all those years ago.