Growing Pains Hit Alessia Cara On Her Sophomore Album
On the album’s debut single, “
Growing Pains,” Cara (this year’s
Best New Artist Grammy winner) struggles ostensibly with growing up and all the attendant, anguished self-awareness (“I cry / more than I want to admit but I can’t lie / to myself, to anyone / cause phoning it in isn’t any fun”). On “7 Days,” Cara offers an update to the infamous “What If God Were One of Us” examining the idea that God has turned his back on everyone,
blaming Instagram fame and television for humanity’s undoing. Life on tour (and reruns of
Friends) make up “Wherever I Live,” while disillusionment with an unclear cause is the focus of “All We Know.” And there is a breakup; the toxic relationship looms large over every other song on the album, including “
Trust My Lonely.”