Hitting The Pool This Weekend? Here’s How To Stop Your Braids From Getting Frizzy
Sleeping without securing your hair is a recipe for frizzy braids. “Moving around while you sleep creates tension on your hair,” Cremona says. “Using a satin scarf, bonnet, or
silk pillowcase will help reduce some of that tension, so you wake up with neat braids.” She also suggests using an anti-itch spray while you sleep. “Sometimes, you don’t realize that itching your hair, while you’re awake or asleep, can disturb your roots and result in frizz,” she explains. “Spray a
soothing scalp treatment with tea tree or peppermint oil on before bed, that way you aren’t tempted to itch your scalp.” You can also opt for scalp treatments with charcoal, witch hazel, and
apple cider vinegar, which can help absorb sebum from your scalp. So not only will your hair be on point, but your scalp will be, too.