How 7 Fashion Editors Are Breaking Out Of The Fast-Fashion Cycle
“As a reluctant shopper, I buy clothes less frequently now. I still love fashion and clicking through the latest season’s shows, but instead of immediately trying to replicate these looks, I have a stronger vision of what works for me. I know there’s always a vintage or secondhand version of the latest trend that’s probably better constructed and potentially cheaper, and now, I enjoy taking the time to seek this out (versus buying a shoddy version from a high-street retailer). This means I rarely purchase new clothing, unless I know it’s got quality construction in a style I can wear for a long time. If a purchase is new, and unless it’s a very, very special piece, it has to be made from sustainable materials. I’ve not had much luck with vintage denim, for example, nor the patience to try on endless pairs, so I do sometimes buy new, but these are almost always made from TENCEL™ branded fibers — a type of cellulose fiber produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources, a renewable resource.”

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