How I Overcame My Lifelong Confidence Struggle
To be that strong, confident woman for my daughter, one major thing I had to overcome was my fear of showing people my teeth. I really tried not to open my mouth much, so I either kept quiet or looked down when I spoke — rarely making eye contact. I know it was probably in my head, but I felt like everybody’s eyes went straight to my teeth. So when I saw a social media ad for
SmileDirectClub invisible aligners, I immediately started to figure out how we could swing it. From start to finish, my teeth were straight in just four months. Now, I’ve started making eye contact when I talk to people — whether that be to prospective friends, clients at the kids’ hair salon where I’m a manager, or store owners I approach to sell
Adeline’s Bow Line, my collection of children’s clothes and accessories. I don’t know whether it was my
confidence coming through or what, but I was able to access my inner positive voices instead of just the negative ones.