How I Went From Being A Homeless Single Mom To An Entrepreneur & CEO
Though Hoke still speaks of her accomplishments with a touch of disbelief, she’s leaning into her innate confidence in ever-expanding ways, like hosting a social-media livestream to call for donations to the
Courage to Give Project, her philanthropic endeavor to collect personal-care items and provide job-readiness tools to homeless women and their families. (Hoke laughs thinking of the contrast to her old, comfortable-in-the-shadows persona: “You would say, if you knew me back then, ‘Who is this person?’ That’s not Shaquan.'”) And now, she’s working toward a stable, financially secure future, educating herself with master’s-level classes and investing in properties for business and family, one of which she plans to convert to a space for teenage mothers to rebuild their lives. (That’s on top of expanding Beyond A J.O.B., with ambitions to secure a government contract to provide career services to women on a city, state, or federal scale.)