How This Entrepreneur Took Her Brand From Her Kitchen To 100K+ Stores

“When people get the call from a retailer that’s interested in them, there’s that ‘OMG moment,’ and they want to go big. But that’s not always the right thing to do. You really want to let the product and the demand dictate how fast your brand is going to grow. That initial order may be huge and significant, but is it sustainable? You have to make sure you’re equipped financially and that you know all of the retailer’s charges and fees. Secondly, you have to be okay with saying no. If you’re presented with a big opportunity, you may have to say no at first and that you do not want to start with that many doors. Maybe you go into 400 instead of 1,800, which shows you aren’t being greedy and that you’re really looking at the numbers and your brand. If you grow too fast, you can also fall fast. So take your time. It isn’t a race; you really want to get to know your consumer and build that demand for your brand.

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