How To Create A Waterfall Braid In 3 Easy Steps
If you already know how to create a French braid, you’re more than halfway to a waterfall braid. “Just like a traditional French braid, you’ll be using three pieces of hair in a reoccurring pattern,” says Colombini. “The only difference is that with a French braid, you’re using the same three strands for the entire braid, where a waterfall braid is going to weave horizontally across the head with one of the three recurring strands of hair falling out of the pattern, which creates the ‘waterfall’ effect.”

Go for a smooth and polished look, like the above photo example by California-based braider and blogger, Braids by Natalie. Or, try a looser, boho-style look, adding beachy waves, like the below image, styled by UK-based bridal hairstylist Mon Aime.

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