How To Get The Most Out Of Your Engagement-Photo Makeup Session

Keep Track Of Wear and Tear

On a normal day, you may not take note of how our mascara holds up on an hour-by-hour basis, but a close watch can pay off big when using engagement makeup as a test run for wedding makeup. A good rule of thumb: Keep your makeup look intact after your engagement shoot and set mirror-check reminders for two, four, six and eight hours after it was applied. “Wedding days can last eight, 10, 12 hours, and beyond, so definitely wear your makeup as long as possible and put it to the test in every way imaginable,” Fournier says.

That’s not to say that makeup shouldn’t budge whatsoever — laughing, dancing, eating, and drinking will take a bit of a toll. But overall, your makeup job should hold up with a few boosted touch-ups throughout the marathon stretch. “Even when using primers, it should be expected that some light touch-ups might be needed: mainly powdering your T-zone and reapplying lip color,” says Fournier. “Foundation, brows, eye makeup, blush, bronzer, and contour, on the other hand, should last all day without touching up. If it all looks completely faded by the end of the day, I’d recommend using other products and/or another artist.”