How To Pull Off The Glossy Eye Trend Without Looking Sweaty
“They’re definitely an antidote to the traditionally ‘made-up’ look that people are increasingly moving away from,” Kirsty Gaston, freelance makeup artist for 3INA, reiterates. So how can we create the look at home? “The new
Eye Gloss by 3INA is really easy to use, with a sponge applicator that means no brushes or applicators are necessary. It comes in four colors (including clear) so you can tone it down or up depending on how you’re feeling,” Gaston explains. “Just swipe the applicator straight across the eyelid for a really easy application, or dab on with fingers for a more understated shine.” Since the 3INA gloss isn’t yet available in the U.S. just yet, try
M.A.C. Eye Gloss or
Milk Eye Vinyls.