How To Trade In Your Old Phone For The New iPhone 11
Apple’s keynote today
underlined the company’s growing emphasis on sustainability and its commitment to making its tech greener, especially with the announcement of its 100 percent recycled-aluminum new iPad and Apple Watch models. But equally important to this mission is the responsible recycling of devices, which Apple makes easier with a trade-in program. Trading in is, obviously, good for the planet, but it also makes everything a
lot cheaper as a consumer. The new iPhone 11 starts at $699, $100 less than last year’s iPhone XR launch price. But if you trade in an eligible device, you can get the newest model for even cheaper — to the tune of $399, or $17 per month. Similarly, the iPhone 11 Pro’s $999 total can drop to a cool $599 or $24.95 per month with the trade-in program. Here’s how it works just in time for iPhone 11 preorders, which start this Friday.