How Working With Black Women Makes Me More Successful
Ally has since gone off to do really dope shit in the tech industry, and I have been honored to pick up where she left off: @R29Unbothered has gained approximately 20K more followers, we’ve created a physical experience of black excellence at
29Rooms, and we’ve introduced new video series (if you haven’t watched our
Go Off, Sis videos, check them out!). The abundance of Blackness I experience on a daily basis has given me a deeper purpose at work. No matter what department or team you’re on, you know you have a special support system at your fingertips. All you have to do is send a text, and your homegirl from two floors down will grab lunch with you outside so you can vent about stuff that might make you look like the “angry Black girl” if you complained in front of anyone else. These connections are a resource — just like HR or tech support.