Hulu Vs. Netflix: One Taught Me Love, One Taught Me Patience
Of course, if you’re looking for a deal that includes a live TV package, Netflix doesn’t offer one, so you’ll want to opt for Hulu in that case. But if you’re looking strictly to cord cut and stream, the choice is yours to make based on what kind of shows you like to binge. Netflix reportedly spent
$13 billion on original content in 2018 across 82 films and over 700 TV shows, and certainly has carved out a name for itself as King of Original Content, with much more to come this year. You can also download
Netflix content to watch offline, which you can’t with Hulu as of yet. And while Hulu produces less original content, it does offer
85,000 episodes of on-demand television, thousands of movies, and many Hulu Originals like that Emmy-scoring
The Handmaid’s Tale, a pretty sweet deal for its now even lower cost.