I Became A Cam Girl Because Of COVID-19
How many hours a week do you spend on your videos?
No more than five hours a week. I only post once or twice a week, so I pre-record most of my content. It usually takes a couple hours to get ready. I shower, shave, apply tanner, and do my hair, makeup, and spend some time trying to put together new outfits. On top of that it can take another few hours to decide on some new concepts, get good shots, flattering poses. I shoot content myself with my own sex toys. If I’m doing actual nudity, I don’t show my face. But if I’m giving just a teaser, which is where I film content that is less sexually graphic, I put my face in it. I recently got a ring light, which helps a lot, and I plan in the future to get someone to shoot for me. 

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