I Felt Pressure To Conform To Certain Latinx Body Ideals — Here’s How I Overcame It

So, I made two major lifestyle changes: altering what I ate and how much I moved. I’m an emotional eater — if I don’t feel good about myself, I binge junk food, sweets, anything. It’s still something I struggle with — it doesn’t just go away, but I’m trying to have a different relationship with food. I cut out processed sugars and dairy, and I loaded up on fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. It was difficult, but I was determined. Before I started working out, I researched ways to exercise for about eight months. I would watch fitness videos on YouTube, research gym websites (to see if gym-goers looked like me), and drive by gyms and peer inside. The last thing I wanted was to stand out at the gym and feel like I’m being judged — those feelings can discourage someone from ever wanting to go back.

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