I Got A Love Reading From A Psychic & This Is What It Was Like
The reading took place over voice app Zoom, and afterwards, Shine sent me an audio recording. She began by asking about my experience with
psychic readings and explaining how she works, then said she was tuning into my energy. First, she told me that she sees a connection to the internet, so I should go ahead and keep using
dating apps. She said that she sees a match for me who has a lot of feminine energy — they could be any gender, but they’ll be emotionally expressive. They’ll also be an extrovert, a good fit for my
introvert self (which she correctly called). This person will have a similar career — not necessarily a writer, but they’ll work in a creative field. “I don’t see you with somebody who’s in business or a traditional, logical type,” Shine said. “This is a very open-minded free spirit.”