I Make $58,409 As A Tax Advisory Specialist — & I’m Legally Blind
How has your disability affected your career? “I did a Ted talk on this — it’s called “
Blind, Not Broken.” In that, I talk about how there’s a statistic that almost 70% of blind people are not currently employed, or they’re underemployed. So it’s very difficult to go get a job because it scares employers; it freaks them out. They don’t know what kind of technology you need; they think maybe you’re going to fall at work and sue them. There’s all kinds of stigma attached to it. And then when you do get somewhere and you get comfortable — like, I’ve been at my job for seven years, and the systems all work with my screen-reader technology, which means that I can use them, and the computer will read me everything. And when you go to a new job, there’s always a fear that that’s not going to happen. So I think that blind people tend to stay longer or be a little bit more loyal to their employer because A) there’s not a lot of employers looking to hire you, and B) sometimes, like, I have friends who’ve gotten jobs, and it didn’t work because often they realized none of the programs worked, and they couldn’t do the job.”