I Make $89,000 & I’ve Finally Learned How To Take Control Of My Own Career

Age: 27
Current Location: Portland, OR
Current Industry & Title: Semiconductor Industry, Operations Manager
Starting Salary: $60,000 in 2014
Current Salary: $89,000 + quarterly bonuses (0.5%) + annual bonus (1%)
Number Of Years Employed: 8
Biggest Salary Jump: $30,000 in 2014
Biggest Salary Drop: None.
Biggest Salary Negotiation Regret: “Not negotiating a higher starting salary and sign-on bonus when I was offered a permanent position at the company where I had a paid internship. I had no sense of what a typical starting salary was for my position, and I thought what they initially offered me was fair for someone fresh out of college. Now that I’m a part of the recruiting process for our group, I regret not negotiating for more or asking them for a sign-on bonus! If an employer makes you an offer, they will do what it takes so they don’t lose a strong candidate!”
Best Salary-Related Advice: “I’ve learned that you have to take control of your own salary negotiations because, while other people may open up opportunities, no one is always going to advocate or prioritize you. It’s important for me to make my expectations clear and reflect on what I want to do and where I see myself in the future.”