I Played The New Mario Kart Tour On My Phone & The Nostalgia Is Real
We’d gather once a week for a potluck dinner and a Mario Kart tournament. Every week, without fail,
I’d fight to be Toad, I’d choose the smallest car, and then I’d zip around Mario Circuit (or fall off Rainbow Road) — usually coming in second or third because my dexterity is average at best. It was a blissful time. And then we grew up, I moved out, and I was left Nintendo-less and aching for the sweet lull of Koopa Troopa beach. And then I got the greatest email I’ve ever received:
Mario Kart has come to iOS. I obviously had to try it out, so I subsequently spent an hour puttering around the world of Mario Kart Tour (for research! I promise!). This is what I found.