I Put The Google Pixel 3a’s Travel-Friendly Features To The Test On A Trip To Mexico

Say Cheese

The Google Pixel camera is just as solid as that of its slightly higher-end sibling, the Pixel 3. While the 3a and 3a XL don’t have dual front-facing cameras, so you can’t take the wide selfie that you can with a Pixel 3, you can basically do everything else. I was impressed by how the 3a made the rich colors of Oaxaca pop in nearly every photo I took. There’s also a feature called Top Shot that you can use if you enable motion on your photos, which is kind of like Apple’s Live Photos, only it lets you choose which shot within the captured motion you’d like to use as the photo still.

Night Sight

This feature is great for when you want to take a flash-less food pic in a dark restaurant, like this chicken and mole dish with my passionfruit margarita from Los Danzantes. Night Sight makes low-light photos actually look good — and the camera even prompts you to use Night Sight in dark environments so you don’t forget. I also used it on fireworks we caught a glimpse of on the rooftop of Casa Oaxaca, but I didn’t post the photo here because fireworks photos are all the same (@ everyone I follow on IG who insists on posting a photo of the firework show they’re watching on the Fourth of July, despite the fact that it looks no different from any other fireworks ever).

Photo Booth

This feature allows you to snap a selfie whenever the subjects of your selfie are smiling… without pressing any buttons. So you can, you know, capture the Monte Albán Ruins while also looking cute. Very convenient for group travel shots.