I Tried A New LED Zit-Zapping Tool On My Acne — Here’s How It Went
I wake up with a cluster of zits on my right cheek (they always congregate here for some reason), so I give the whiteheads a squeeze (gross but necessary), wash my face with
YourGoodSkin’s Brightening Exfoliating Wash, pat my skin dry, and go straight for the tool, holding it to my face with one hand while checking the news on my phone with the other. It doesn’t feel hot like I expected, it isn’t heavy, and the bright-red light switches off after exactly three minutes, indicating that it’s already worked its magic for that day. It doesn’t reduce the swelling immediately but as I apply my trusty
Medik8 beta Moisturise and follow with sunscreen, I can safely say the cluster appears just a tiny bit less red and angry — although I seem to have pressed too hard and have a slight ring on my cheek for a few seconds! I cover up the spots under a layer of foundation and don’t give them much thought throughout the day. When I get home, I take my makeup off but nothing much has changed. The good news is that no spots have sprouted in that area, which is a total win for me, because they’ve been known to multiply at this time of the month.