I Tried A Weighted Eye Mask And It Gave Me My Best Night’s Sleep Ever
According to NodPod’s founder, Melissa Bamberg, weighted blankets (and scaled-down eye masks) don’t just feel good for no reason; studies on the effects of
Deep Pressure Touch are still in nascent stages, but there’s a lot of room to explore the potential of pressure on bringing an overall sense of calm. Well, after over a week of putting it to the test, I have to say that the NodPod definitely did that. The heavy feeling on my lids made me feel like I was somehow sinking deeper into my fluffy pillows (in a good way), and even though I woke up most days with it having fallen off my face, the point is that it helped me fall – and stay — asleep. At $32, it’s not exactly cheap, but compared to pricey sleep supplements that haven’t worked for me in the past, it’s a more palatable investment in getting better sleep.