I Tried The Honey Pot Menstrual Cup For The First Time, And Now I’m A Witch
I only wish the cup’s instructions came with more info on insertion and removal (contrary to my first thoughts), because not everyone can access tips from the web or through friends — an immense privilege. But I also wish menstrual cups would’ve been presented as an option in my 7th-grade health class, and that’s not on Honey Pot. That’s on state education departments. That’s on a larger cultural need to normalize conversations on vaginal health, which always felt a bit solitary for me before using this cup; every tampon and pad has sold itself to me purely on function. But we, the bleeding, need more. That’s why, for me, the Honey Pot Co. cup is worth the hype; the heart of their brand identity is about bringing you into a community of others who care about your vagina — to say nothing of the many conversations it jumpstarted within my friend group. A menstrual cup can’t be everyone’s thing. But this menstrual cup should be everyone’s ice breaker.

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