I Went Blind In One Eye Right Before I Gave Birth
Once I regained my composure, he took some pictures of my eyes and showed me the difference on his computer screen. My left side had a circle in the middle with veins coming out, like it should; my right eye looked like a bomb had exploded. You could not see the circle or the veins, just blobs of blood. He said he thought I had a retinal vein occlusion and suggested that I see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. We then talked about what could have caused the condition, which usually occurs in older people with health problems that affect blood flow. We still don’t know the exact reason for my occlusion, but I have my suspicions. Just a few days before it occurred, I learned that my baby was breech and that I’d have no choice but to schedule a c-section. This was devastating news to me, like many first-time mothers, I had a birth plan and surgery was not in it. I remember feeling very funny after receiving the news, and suspect it spiked my blood pressure. I’m not the best with hospitals or blood or needles, so I was frightened by the idea that my first child would enter the world through a major operation. 

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