I’m 23 & This Is How Much I Spent On A Trip To Miami With My Mom & Sister
12:00 p.m. – We leave the hotel and go to the Design District. There is an hour and a half wait for a table at the Dior pop-up café so we walk around and it is very hot. I hate the heat and I am sweating everywhere even though I have on a crop top and short skirt. There are lots of art installations all over and I stop to take pictures by a giant red cup with a straw. There are also art shops that we stop in that have really cool paintings and installations inside. There is a sculpture of a lady’s head with a rhinestone headpiece that is very cool. I upload pictures and videos to my Instagram story. I need to find something to cool me off, and fast, so we head into
Aubi & Ramsa (I found this place online). They serve alcohol-infused sorbet. It is perfect inside, the lights are turned off and the AC is on full blast and they have seats for everyone. We had the Strawberry and Rosé (made with Veuve Clicquot & St. Germain) and Passion Fruit Margarita (made with Don Julio Blanco tequila) I pay.