I’m 26 & This Is How I Much I Spent On A Trip To Miami With My Husband

8:00 p.m. – Our friends recommended an Italian place called Call Me Gaby, so we head there for dinner. It’s a charming little restaurant, and the pizza is amazing. We eat and drink and get the check, we split it with our friends ($100). After dinner we go buy a couple other things at Whole Foods and Publix: It’s hard to get some stuff in Colombia, so we always go grocery shopping while we are here. Believe it or not, we always bring back butter… I know, weird. Also superfoods and healthy foodstuff are hard to find in Colombia, or very overpriced so we always get some of that stuff when we are abroad, like spirulina, coconut aminos, goji berries, almond flour, spices, and sauces. We pay and head home ($480). $580