I’m 27 & This Is How Much I Spent On A Trip To Dollywood With My Best Friend
12:20 a.m. – We decide to go this famous bar, Nudie’s Honky Tonk. I don’t know if it’s because it was Easter Sunday or maybe this is how it normally is, but it seems somewhat dead. They have a live band with some people dancing, but we leave pretty shortly after. B heard a bar called Whiskey Row was fun, and it’s right across the street. It has lots of drunk guys and bachelorette parties. There’s a band that is fun and seems to captivate the crowd, but I personally am not feeling it that much. B finishes her drink and we GO right after (I don’t want to drink anymore because I’m driving). The last bar we went to,
the Stage, ends up being SO fun, we stay until we leave downtown. They have a really fun band that does covers; it’s refreshing to see them do a good mix of country songs along with some current hits and throwbacks. We stay until the band wrapped up at about 2:15 a.m.