I’m 33 & This Is How Much I Spent On A Trip To Milan & The Italian Alps With A Friend
Part of the minimalist traveller plan includes doing laundry during your trip.

– Laundry detergent sheets: $11; I found
these awesome laundry detergent sheets that take up zero space and allow us to keep our landry nice and fresh

– To save on buying guides later in the trip, I purchased the
Rick Steeve’s 2019 Guide to Italy for my phone: $14

– A travel blanket (I’m not sure airplane blankets ever get washed): $30

trtl neck pillow: $30

– Lysol wipes: $3

rechargeable battery: $22- Water proof shoes: $136; The forecast for the trip changed right before we left, and called for rain for most of our trip (Boo!). I made a last minute decision to buy some water-proof shoes so that I didn’t have to walk 10+ miles a day in soggy, wet shoes. I settled on
this pair of Chelsea-style orthotic booties from Vionic which I was able to order last minute from Amazon.

– Water-friendly Birkenstocks: $39

– A guided tour to see
The Last Supper: $79