I’m 35 & This Is How Much I Spent On My Trip To A Baby Goat Farm In California
10:00 a.m. — More hang out and talk time and
Queer Eye. My friend loaded up on Trader Joe’s snacks and we graze on those when we’re hungry. We decide to figure out the car situation for our trip down to Monterey and the baby goat farm. My friend finds a
startup that will bring the car to your door. The prices are really good (yay, startup money) and we find a promo code on Instagram for free delivery. I book it and pay since I’ll be the one driving and need to provide my driver’s license. The amount that I see charged is higher than what I was quoted, so I text with support to see what’s up. They say there was an error in travel insurance, and refund me the incorrect amount immediately. My friend insists on reimbursing me for half after.